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William Shatner revives the Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate everyone already stopped having

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

The debate of Star Trek versus Star Wars was once the primordial fire that forged the Internet, but it’s long since been doused by years of disappointment with both franchises, its smoldering embers scattered to form burning affections for newer geek devotions. But leave it to William Shatner to come and poke at it with a stick, and start puffing all over it to see if he can get it started again. Readying himself for battle, Shatner donned his very serious Affliction shirt and posted the following video to his YouTube channel, in which he comes out—surprise—firmly on the side of the franchise that’s given him all those designer tees and YouTube channel subscribers in the first place. To wit, to Shat, “Star Trek had relationships and conflict among the relationships, and stories that involved humanity and philosophical questions,” he says, whereas Star Wars was just about the “special effects.” (But what about the trade regulations?!)


This October, Entertainment One Launches the Mission Star Trek Fans Have Been Waiting For...

The CaptainsJoin William Shatner on a voyage around the globe, seeking out members of the elite group who have stood at the helm of the Starship Enterprise and boldly gone where no man has gone before.


Street Date: October 4, 2011


Happy Birthday To Star Trek's Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig


J.J. Abrams Officially Takes Helm Of Star Trek 2


J.J. Abrams wouldn't direct the most recent Mission: Impossible film, although it was produced under his Bad Robot shingle. But it seems that only Abrams can take on Capt. Kirk and the Enterprise.

Abrams has confirmed he will indeed direct "Star Trek 2," the sequel to his 2009 film, when production begins later this year.


Star Trek burlesque: The Boobs of Khan

The Boobs of Khan

This is not at all how I remember the second movie in the Star Trek franchise (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), when I watched it on VCR tape with my mom in our utility-carpeted basement television room. No, this is basically ladies in Star Trek uniforms touching eachothers' boobs. Which will suit some people just fine, I imagine. I may scoff at childhood memories turned into really...unexpected burlesque, but the women do look like they're having a ball. I can get behind that. Also, please somebody give me one of those Star-Trek insignia bras. Thank you.



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