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SCIENCE & STAR TREK Join Forces with Feature Length Roddenberry Documentary TREK NATION

(Silver Spring, Md.)— SCIENCE today announced its partnership with science fiction royalty, Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, and Roddenberry Entertainment on the upcoming the feature-length special, TREK NATION, scheduled to air in fourth quarter 2011. TREK NATION explores the popularity and appeal of Star Trek through the man who created it all – the late Gene Roddenberry.

Rod will take SCIENCE audiences along with him as he explores his father’s work and the impact of his legacy that still resonates today. Through interviews with his most devoted fans, including George Lucas, J.J. Abrams, Stan Lee and many others, TREK NATION is the story of a son trying to learn more about his father by unraveling the intricacies of Star Trek.


Zoe Saldana Enjoys Risky Cinema

Zoe Saldana thinks cinema should always “push the limits”.

The 33-year-old Hollywood star has appeared in some of the biggest movies of recent years, such as James Cameron's worldwide smash Avatar and J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek.

Zoe was thrilled to appear in the sci-fi hits, and normally gravitates towards futuristic cinema rather than the average romantic comedy.


To Khan... Or Not To Khan

Oh, Lindelof, you epic tease you. Team you up with J.J. Abrams again and you just think you can play with our emotions and our completely premature expectations of a villain for the next Star Trek? Dude. These are the days of Glee: Everything gets spoiled all the time ever. How dare you not bow to our whims and tell us everything we want to know!


Wil Wheaton Says The Technobabble On Eureka Is Better Than Star Trek’s

Nerd icon Wil Wheaton has returned to sci-fi television as Eureka's slimy Dr. Isaac Parrish. We spoke with him at Comic-Con about just what makes good (and bad) technobabble, the secret to playing a scientist, and what's ahead on Eureka!


Apple Patents Star Trek Style flat Keyless Keyboards

The next iteration of the Apple keyboard may not have any physical keys at all. According to the site Patently Apple, the company just filed for a patent that outlines a completely flat keyboard with sensors underneath that could be a future virtual keyboard, a-la the displays in Star Trek that change depending on what you press on them.



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