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Shore Leave 33 Pics


STARCRAFT 2: Blackheart Style

Blackheart started a new tradition this week, playing Starcraft 2 from Blizzard Games. In the first game, JC Cohen, Emm Plant, and Rodger Fickel played a free-for-all game. It was a strange game with a lot of back and forth; in the end Emm and Rodger weakened each other long enough for JC to rebuild, and take down Emm... very, very slowly, as he made sure his base was in the outskirts of the map, in unusual places.

In the second game, JC was no longer there, but Rodger took Emm down with carriers. Lots and lots of carriers. 22 carriers in fact. At 8 fighters each, that means 176 fighters were eating Emm's troops. Emm learned a lesson tonight - Don't let the Protoss spin up.

We have decided to move the game to 9 eastern to give West Coasters a better chance of being available. We will be playing every Tuesday at 9. For more information, go to http://www.ussblackheart.org/starcraft.html

Our games are friendly, if trash-talked filled, and its a lot more fun to play with people you know then with random people who know how to eat your face in 10 seconds.


Private Papers of Legendary Sci Fi, STAR TREK Writer Donated to Library

A treasure trove of private letters, manuscripts and other papers by one of the most influential writers of the "golden age" of science fiction — who’s credited with inventing with Leonard Nimoy the “live long and prosper” Vulcan phrase for “Star Trek” — has been donated to the University of Kansas.

The definitive collection of late author Theodore Sturgeon’s books, papers, manuscripts and correspondence will be established at the Kenneth Spencer Research Library at KU, which also is home to the Center for the Study of Science Fiction. The Sturgeon Award for the best short science fiction is given annually at the center’s Campbell Conference, slated this year for July 7-10.


Awesome STAR TREK App Turns iPad into PADD

Since the future is here, it’s only right that we start referencing it in our technology as much as possible. CBS Interactive has created a must-own app for Star Trek fans who own an iPad. Using the LCARS (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System) interface that was first used in The Next Generation, the app turns your iPad into a PADD (Personal Access Display Device) and puts the entire encyclopedia of Trek knowledge at your fingertips. Not only does the App change the interface to the PADD style, it even has a voice similar to the one made famous by the late Majel Barrett Roddenberry. The App also features integration with the official Star Trek Facebook of Twitter pages. If I don’t see someone at Comic-Con using this app, I’ll be disappointed.


Shore Leave offers sci-fi pleasures way beyond 'Star Trek'

If getting arrested and spending some time in a Klingon jail is your idea of a good time, then don't miss this weekend's Shore Leave 33. It could be the place your dream comes true.

"People love it," says Michael Schilling, a spokesman for the three-day science-fiction and fantasy convention opening Friday in Hunt Valley. "People get arrested by Klingons in full costume, they throw you in jail. I think they do things like sing the 'Barney' song to torture you."



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