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Star Trek 2 Delayed Until December 2012?

The Star Trek 2 script was supposed to be finished by Christmas 2009, and it's still not done. So it should surprise nobody that there's talk that the Trek sequel may be delayed six months from June 2012 release date.


Trek Tunes: A Quick Look at the Songs by Star Trek Stars

In case you haven't noticed, a bunch of us at Up on the Sun are total nerds. Our coverage of artists appearing at Phoenix Comicon and related stories has not so subtly hinted at our fan-boy-and-girl hearts.

So we won't bother trying to tiptoe around the fact that we are a bunch of geeks. I explored the music of Leonard Nimoy in this week's pint issue, but Mr. Spock is really just one of the Star Trek stars who ventured into the world of pop recording.


Star Trek Authority Larry Nemecek Announces New Documentary

If you aren’t familiar with Larry Nemecek, Memory Alpha describes him like this: Larry Wayne Nemecek is a noted Star Trek author, editor, archivist, consultant and producer. He is married to onetime script coordinator Janet Nemecek. A native Oklahoman, Nemecek began considering news and communications as a career in high school after being inspired by a teacher in his journalism class. He majored in theater at college with a journalism minor, and began writing about Star Trek because "all the Will Rogers and Sooners football books had been written."

Larry wrote the “Star Trek The Next Generation Concordance” from which the series worked to assure continuity and technical correctness and later “Star Trek The Next Generation Companion” which is an in depth guide to every episode of Next Gen. In addition to archiving, he and his wife Janet, are also known for writing an episode of Star Trek Enterprise. In a nutshell, Larry is known as the guy you go to when you want the inside story behind all things Trek.


Get Your Geek On: Summer Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Summer is a great time to be a geek. With less competition from the vacationing networks, cable channels are free to air all the science fiction and fantasy television they want! These shows don't have to worry about appealing to the TV-watching masses and can instead cater to the hardcore genre fans looking for their next obsession.

This summer is no exception. A handful of sci-fi and fantasy TV shows will be on the air, all of them twisted and funky enough to please the biggest of geeks. Sure, they won't all appeal to each person, but we can all find something.


Which is better: Star Trek or Star Wars? Two mega-fans battle it out

Since a long time ago in a galaxy that happens to be our own, where millions of fans have gone before, a battle has been waged between "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" fans.

The two franchises, having both had a great impact on popular culture and followings that transcend many generations of science-fiction nerds (or ‘science-fantasy', in "Star Wars'" case), have often been pitted against each other by loyal fans trying to prove that their favorite imaginary universe is the superior one.

Despite their similarities, the two franchises are not one and the same. We tracked down one each of the biggest "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" ("The Next Generation", in the interest of brevity) fans we could find, pitched them imaginary battles between aspects of the two and let them plead their case to try and settle the score, once and for all.


Space Archeologists Discover a Thousand Egyptian Tombs Hidden in Tanis

Dr Sarah Parcak thinks that "excavating a pyramid is the dream of every archaeologist" but that Indiana Jones is "old school". Well, she must know. After all, she has discovered two pyramids and 1000 tombs. From space.



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