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Star Trek fan Prince Harry dreams of being first Royal in space

Prince Harry is said to be desperate to nab one of the 430 places on Sir Richard Branson's first Virgin Galactic sub-orbital flights.

Wills' little brother is a big Star Trek fan and dreams of becoming an honourary member of NASA.


Antimatter could take us into space, Star Trek future?

So, I found this article on the internet that shows confirmation that we could use antimatter to propel spacecraft…what? First thing that came to my mind was Star Trek, can you imagine a world of space travel where you can visit other planets and cruise space at warp? Now I don’t exactly understand the science around this but it is still cool to think about and even better that it has been confirmed possible. Antimatter, anti-protons, these all sound like Star Trek terms to me.


A Very Happy Belated Birthday To Star Trek's Mike Okuda (August 6)

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Mike Okuda. He has been responsible for a myriad of things throughout the various Trek incarnations since the mid-1980s starting with Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Mike gained notoriety for his work on Star Trek: The Next Generation as a scenic artist / technical consultant and for designing the futuristic graphical user interface (LCARS or Okudagrams) used throughout the TNG era and all the way to DS9. I would also like to personally thank Mike and give him credit for inspiring me to work professionally in the graphic arts and user interface design. Thanks Mike, your work has inspired an entire generation of graphics professionals!


Minor Progress Is Being Made On A New Star Trek Animated Series

The first Star Trek animated series may not have been the worst bit of Trek TV I have ever seen,* but I’d rather it remained a fading memory. I was going to hunt around on YouTube for a clip to put in this post, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. It’s late.

In theory, however, a new animated series could be as sparky and polished as the” new” movie was. Perhaps that likelihood would be increased by the involvement of the same creatives.


Sci-Fi MMO From Ex-WoW Devs Revealing At Gamescom

Carbine Studios is all set to announce the "future fantasy" MMO it has been working on at Gamescom next week.

The new outfit is made up of staff with experience on some impressive titles including World of Warcraft, Everquest, Warhammer Online, City of Heroes, Free Realms, Diablo II, StarCraft, Fallout and Metroid Prime.



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