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A New Enterprise

Please join StarTrek.com in welcoming our newest blogger, Daniel Stahl, executive producer for Star Trek Online, who, in his first piece, gives us an inside look at the final version of the latest U.S.S. Enterprise, based on a fan-submitted entry that won Cryptic’s Design the Next Enterprise contest.


Shatner Wants To Expand Social Universe

ShatnerUnlikely Google+ early adopter William Shatner (aka Star Trek’s Captain Kirk) has already begun complaining about the limits of Circles on Google’s shiny new social networking engine, which he says needs to be expanded beyond 5,000, if it is to be a hit for Hollywood.

Writing on his Google+ profile, Shatner said: “Apparently, one can only have 5,000 plusers in total in all their circles. I do apologise for those not yet in one of my circles. I would hope that Google lifts this limit or comes up with an alternative so I may add you. My best, Bill.”


Boldly Going... Where No Potato Has Gone Before

Talk about a hot potato. One of the most eagerly awaited Star Trek toys of all time is finally, finally, finally set for release. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, humans and aliens, Star Trek (TOS) Mr. Potato Heads are on the way, and they’ll be available at stores and via e-tailers by August, 2011. StarTrek.com has an exclusive First Look at the upcoming Trek product – check out the photo above – and some additional information to share as well.


Kevin Smith to give a "geek State of the Union" at Comic-Con

For many years, writer, filmmaker and prolific podcaster Kevin Smith has taken part in San Diego Comic-Con International, better known as Comic-Con. This year he's participating in two official Comic-Con events, including moderating a panel featuring "Star Trek" captains William Shatner and Avery Brooks on Friday, July 22, in which they'll discuss Shatner's documentary, "The Captains."

On Saturday, July 23, Smith will host "An Early Evening with Kevin Smith," his annual Q&A. The description on the Comic-Con website reads, "You know Comic-Con is over for the night on Saturday when the fat man sings."


Space Shuttle Expedition Lego Set

The Space Shuttle era is over, with Space Shuttle Atlantis due to land in less than one hour from the final mission. However, the legacy lives on in a new Space Shuttle set from our favorite building block maker: the Lego Space Shuttle Expedition #10231. It is a great set for building, playing, or displaying, as it is a detailed and realistic looking replica of this famous space vehicle. It is a large set, with 1230 pieces and the completed Expedition stands at 17.5″ tall and 10″ wide.



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