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In Search Of... a Motto

Your Klingon Colonel here and I want to take the chance to reach out to you all and tell you that the Corsairs are having a contest. Like all institutions of our kind we are missing something special, the Corsairs need a Motto!

You know something like “death before dishonor” or “My business is Killing and business is Good”, you know but it is up to you to come up with this fiery moniker for our Strike Force. Make sure it is short and sweet, because it has to fit around the Corsairs logo. So I would like to leave it up to you.

I want you all to be stoked to be Corsairs! We ARE the “hot to shit badasses” of the fleet, no one can out fly us and no one can out fight us. Starfleet may have Marines…. but the Lady Blackheart has better, WE ARE CORSAIRS! [Corsair: noun, 1) a pirate along the Barbary Coast 2) a swift pirate ship (often operating with official sanction]

Please SEND all entries to me at doctor.klingon@gmail.com with the Subject “Corsairs Motto” and please not on Facebook or when you are chatting with me. I like to keep things organized and in writing so the info does not escape from the sieve of graymatter I have under my dome.

Your deadline will be July 15th, 2011 and this contest is open to the entire crew, we can all be Corsairs when we feel the need to get beastie. Oh and the winner will find their Motto on the CORSAIR’S FLIGHT PATCH!! that the folks behind the scenes are coming up with.


Submitted by Lt. Colonel Derek “Targh” Allen
USS Blackheart; OIC Corsairs

Shatner Tells Fans He’s NOT in the Next ‘Star Trek’

With much mystery still surrounding the follow-up to J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot (we khan’t bring ourselves to call it Star Trek 2), one question that keeps going around is whether William Shatner will be making an appearance as the original (or should that be alternate?) James T. Kirk.


Simon Pegg On A More Serious Scotty, Budgineering, Star Trek Critics & more

Last week at the final stop on his mini book tour for his memoir "Nerd Do Well," Star Trek’s Simon Pegg sat down with TrekMovie.com to talk about growing up nerd, geeking out on Star Trek, critiques of the film, getting more serious with the role of Scotty in the sequel and more. Click more to Watch the video interview.


'Star Trek' Movie Universe Headed To Comics

I know I'm not alone in being impressed by the recent "Star Trek" movie that effectively rebooted the science-fiction franchise for a younger generation. Sadly, we might have to wait a while for the "Star Trek" sequel, but it looks like there will be ample opportunity for fans of both the original series and the new, alternate timeline to get their fix of adventures with the crew of The Enterprise.


Making Star Trek Reality: NASA Wants Ideas

Defense Department and the space agency want sci-fi fans, scientists, and space junkies of all types to help brainstorm ways to to fly humans to the outer reaches of the solar system by 2111.


Geordi Laforge, Style Icon

Rap icon Snoop Dogg is the closest male version of Madonna in the entire industry – that’s a compliment by the way. Though hip hop purists may roll their eyes at the 39-year-old’s current fascination with the ridiculously popular electro hop scene, it’s hard to argue that no other male artist has shifted their style and persona to appeal to a number of demographics as much as Snoop.



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